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PMA Mixed Martial Arts

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About Henrry Perez

When an individual offers to explain their profile, more often than not they will attempt to convey how exceptional they may be at what they do, and all their achievements in their respective careers. Whilst this is positive and reassuring, I will opt to make you see why and how I am a Martial Arts Instructor.

It all started at the age of 6, being the eldest out of 3 brothers & living in a third world country. The streets were always cold, day & night and around every corner was the danger of theft and malice. This environment instinctually teaches you to be alert, and having 2 younger brothers and no parents showed me all angles of bullying and more then often, as hard as I tried I would taste the dust or the grass in my mouth.

I then started training in Taekwondo at a local gym and was totally amazed by the discipline, kicking ability, South Korean terminology & the classic uniform. I gave my full attention to my training, and I knew from that age I was competitive so there was no doubt in my mind about my training. I continued to practice Taekwondo for 5 years and by now had earned my black belt and was competing. I had earned respect by most, until one day a street fighter showed me that there was a completely different world to self-defence than just kicking.

I had suffered a massive disappointment. How did I fail to connect the kick? I had hundreds of questions running through my mind. The hardest lesson for me was the humiliation. Up until then, my ego had taken over. I hadn't been hit hard, for many years. My best friend at the time (Marco Cando) was doing classes in boxing and developed a reputation for his ability with his fists, I knew I had to lift my game and my days of boxing started when I was 17.

Soon after I was leaving Ecuador for Australia but I had to stop over in Argentina in what extended to be 6 months. I wanted to keep active and training so I asked a neighbour (Carlos) from Chile, if there was a place to train, he said "yes". He showed me the way and I signed up in Savate, a French form of Kickboxing. If you mix good flexibility, good kicking technique and boxing you can Savate, so I took a couple of local fights, in which I won. I was 18 and a half and ready to come to Australia... but before I left, my friend (Carlos) went on to become Argentinian champion in kickboxing after losing approximately 30 kilos.

Upon arrival to Australia I started to explore my opportunities in Martial Arts, as well as going to University to study Psychology. Hapkido took most of my attention in traditional styles. Master SUN DO (Peter) KIM was the solid rock to my foundation in traditional Hapkido. In the meantime, my curiosity stayed in kickboxing so I continued to explore this sport.

For years I was training consistently, and became a Black Belt in Hapkido, Karate, Kempo, informally Kendo (art of the sword) and Judo. I started my Instruction in martial arts primarily for children in 1995, I was 24 and I had been training now for 12 years. Soon after I felt challenged by the thought of Army service, I believe we all need the experience of it (my personal opinion of course), achieving most outstanding soldier award and being excepted in the third battalion, I had completed my rifleman course when I suffered an injury to my knee, so sadly my days in the Army as a soldier ended rather soon, but I had my share of experiences.

Once I had settled back into normal society, I got back into my training but this time I was hungrier so I went on to become a personal bodyguard and Security Manager. Working at the door in clubs and bars showed me a whole other side to people. Things were serious… and violent. You couldn’t imagine the amounts of encounters, dark allies, basketball courts and horrifying acts I have witnessed people doing to each other over the span of 15 years. I was 39 when I stopped door work.

Bear in mind, all these years I had been training hard, so against all opinions and negativity from my accident, soon I was back and now I had something to prove. Thailand was my first stop, then China, Japan then the United States to train with the notorious American Top Team & to Las Vegas to attend seminars. I had the pleasure of training with infamous fighters and Coaches, mentioning names would be a too long a list now with over 40 overseas trips.

Following my dreams gave me an opportunity open up my own full time Martial Arts Centre. Free of political affiliations and free from pressure, I could dedicate my time and effort to its development. One year in Illawong followed by the Menai Centre and then Padstow. I took the time to develop a competitive team, were my students shone over and over, all over the state and slowly interstate.

The pivotal point of change was in 2004, when I introduced all my knowledge into our curriculum which primarily was Hapkido, Thaiboxing, wrestling & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This was the early stages of MMA (Mixed martial arts) but I knew the right information was being applied. Competitions started in grappling, point sparring, continuous sparring, moving into pankration and then MMA events.

As a team, PMA has competed at local, state, interstate and international events, such as CFC (Cage Fighting Championship) in Sydney, SFC (Super Fight Championship) in Perth, Legends FC in Macau, China and more recently UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in Australia and Las Vegas and many more small events in Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast. At the top of the team, Australian representative and Smashes series winner, SFC welter weight Champion and UFC Middleweight Champion, Robert Whittaker.

All instructors at PMA have experience in different forms of competition, black belts at least in one style, and knowledge in all areas of physical combat. Furthermore, all instructors have been associated with myself and PMA for more than a decade, are close to the PMA family and all have their best intentions at heart for all our students.

To conclude, I followed a path that brought me to realize that I was always going to be a coach, first to my children and then the same way to all junior students, slowly into adults and all groups available. It has always been about the path, but without consistency, work ethic, support and then challenging myself to overcome all types of adversities. I’m sure you would agree at times the path to quit simply seems more comfortable and many do take that path... two questions for you? 1. Are you a winner? 2. Are you prepared to give your all? if the answer is "yes" to both, then you are already on the path, now come and join us.

With respect

Henrry Perez

P.S I take this opportunity to thank my beautiful family that have stood by my side, The PMA team for your loyalty (strength and honour), friends, and to all my students, many thanks........what follows is just some of my achievements….