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PMA Mixed Martial Arts

House Of Champions

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The History of PMA

PMA was first opened in the year 2000 with the initial concept to help my own children overcome bullying. I wanted to help them find ways to deal with the pressure of bullying at school and give them an outlet where they could channel their inner frustrations through the fundamentals, principles & techniques of Martial Arts training.

Having taught at many Hapkido centres, I felt the year 2000 was the right time to establish my own Martial arts centre which I opened on a part time basis at Menai Community centre. I collected a handful of clients I had from my full-time job at the Cumberland News Paper Group as a newspaper space sales rep. Ten of these clients supported my vision enough to invest $110 each so I could set up my registration & insurance. It was this moment which saw the beginning of Perez Hapkido College.

After several months of juggling a part time job, full time job & Perez Hapkido College on a part-time basis, I opened the first full time centre at Illawong. I opted to rename Perez Hapkido College to PMA (Perez Martial Arts) at this stage, as I had incorporated multiple disciplines into my training. This consisted of Hapkido, Karate, Taekwondo & Kickboxing. I felt the change of name to PMA necessary so that my brand was not limited to Hapkido only.

By the year 2003 the number of students enrolled in PMA had grown so much, that I closed the Illawong gym and opened a much larger gym in Menai. I needed to concentrate solely on the development of PMA, therefore giving up my other jobs and career. This helped me greatly in enhancing my knowledge of martial arts and gave me an opportunity to further develop the PMA systems.

As time continued, I realised the logistics of operating my gym in Menai were limited due to its location being in between rivers & the amount of competition in the local area. I decided I would need to expand, and I purchased a gym in Wollongong, then another in Padstow in the year of 2004. For the next 2 years there would be 3 gyms operating at the same time.

I learnt very quickly that students, competitors & parents alike strived for the best coaching available and not only the name & brand of a gym. I made the decision to operate from the Padstow gym only as it is in an accessible location and offers a unique floor plan with different training areas, making it an ideal gym for MMA training.

Over time, PMA has seen many transformations as part of its growth. This became obvious as increasingly more competitor’s students came through our doors. The knowledge from years of experience in Traditional Martial Arts such as Karate, Hapkido, Taekwondo to more competitive styles such as Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Boxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is what draws students to PMA.


Henrry Perez

Head Coach PMA