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PMA Mixed Martial Arts

9773 8100


Meet the PMA Team

A good Coach can change a game, A great Coach can change a life

Henrry Perez

Head Coach

8th Degree Black Belt

Leo Perez

Senior Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

Gokhan Akturk

Senior Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt

Brad Richardson

BJJ Assistant Instructor

Nickolas Perez

Junior Instructor

Sebastian Stavridis

Junior Instructor

World Class Service

What We Offer

MMA Classes

Strength and Conditioning

Private Lessons

Brazillian Jui Jitsu

Combat Sports Management

Muay Thai

Professional and Amatuer Competition

Kids Classes


Member Stories

The Kids are amazing, Henrry is great with my boys and everyone there is very helpful and have lots of respect for one another.

Debbie Abi Sassine

Great Coach, Great guidance, great training and no egos

George Varikos

 Good friend and best coach I've had while my time training at PMA Gym, If I was still staying in Sydney I will be training there getting my grades (belts) without a doubt. Henrry brings the best out of you and turns you into a great person, top fighter being humble, disciplined, rspectful and grateful.

Lotovale Pelesema

 Signed my kids up a year ago and it has been the best decision i have ever made! Coach Henrry has been such a great influence on the kids teaching them respect, discipline & everything MMA. It's always nice seeing the kids walk out with a smile and beg to come back for more lessons.

Amy Nada

Amazing Coach. Kids enjoy every class. Highly recommended for all age groups

Maria Homsy

After attending multiple gyms across Sydney, PMA is the best gym environment with a very high level but also good people of all levels and experience. Henrry Perez is an amazing coach and I recommend him to anyone.

Alex Sevrino

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